Prince Edward at Slovenian MEPI event

'There is more in you than you think' (motto of the Duke of Edinburgh Award)

The Duke of Edinburgh Award, known as MEPI in Slovenia, is a universal, world-renowned youth programme. It was founded in 1956 by the Duke of Edinburgh in collaboration with the German educator Kurt Hahn, a prominent advocate of experiential learning. 

The programme is based on personal and individual challenge. Young people take part in a non-competitive programme of voluntary, sporting, cultural, and intellectual adventures and activities that encourage personal discovery and growth, independence, persistence, responsibility to oneself, and ultimately, make a contribution to their community.

The programme is accessible to all young people aged 14-25 years.  It consists of four areas: 

  • voluntary work
  • expedition
  • skills
  • sports activities.

The programme has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. Participants receive the award by improving their abilities in selected areas; this is based solely on their own determination. Any progress is measured according to their capabilities and it is not compared with others. 

Today, the programme runs in more than 130 countries and has involved 7 million young people worldwide.

The British Council has supported the programme in Slovenia since it started in 1997.

Find out more about the programme and how to participate on the official MEPI website.

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