UK students
Scholarships and financial support

For many years now, British schools and universities have been attracting hundreds of thousands of EU and international students. Whilst many students are able to provide for themselves, others may be in need of some financial help.

Since the departure of the UK from the European Union, it is up to each university to award scholarships to European students. Please visit their websites to find out more, or visit the following pages about scholarships which have been developed by 49 UK universities for EU students:

- A few scholarships and offers for EU students. 

- More scholarships for EU students

Undergraduate tuition fees

Tuition fees can vary depending on where and what you will study, from £11, 000, up to £40,000. 

The UCAS website has the valuable information on tuition fees and funding at undergraduate level.

Postgraduate tuition fees

The minimum cost is £11, 000 per year, although some Masters degrees cost significantly more than this (up to £50,000). If you need to apply for extra funding there are several organisations that may be able to help with tuition fee costs and/or living expenses. It is important to apply early, as deadlines for applications can be up to a year before your course or research begins.

UK Research and Innovation

UKRI promotes and supports postgraduate study and research in UK universities across all academic fields. You can check whether they offer funding programmes that apply to you.

Prospects website

A useful summary of different funding sources can also be found on the Prospects website, which specialises in information concerning postgraduate study and career opportunities.


You can also search for UK scholarships and find out more on the scholarships and financial support page of our Study UK website.

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