British Council staff
About British Council Slovenia

We build trust and understanding for the UK to create a safer and more prosperous world. In terms of our reach and impact, we are the world’s leading cultural relations organisation. Cultural relations is a component of international relations which focuses on developing people-to-people links and complements government-to-people and government-to-government contact.

We use English, Arts, and Education and Society – the best of the UK’s great cultural assets – to bring people together and to attract partners to working with the UK.  

British Council Slovenia opened in 1992.  You can find out more about our work in Slovenia below:


Our goal is to support the teaching and learning of English. In Slovenia we deliver high quality internationally recognised examinations and provide expertise and training opportunities for teachers, policy makers and learners. 

We provide a wide range of English language learning resources for young learners, teenagers and adults through our free LearnEnglish websites and apps.  Our cutting edge products also include web-based, self-access English language improvement courses for learners. 

Our TeachEnglish resources provide numerous on-line seminars, thousands of lesson plans, presentations, articles and information on professional development. Teachers can access our web-based, self-access and moderated courses, designed for their teaching needs and requirements.  

We provide expertise and access to international policy dialogues to the Ministry of Education, the National Institute of Education, pedagogical faculties and local teacher associations in areas ranging from early years learning to Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).


We offer and administer examinations in English such as IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and the Cambridge English suite of examinations. Recently we have introduced a new English test for business – Aptis. We also offer the opportunity to sit a wide range of professional and educational examinations from the UK, here in Slovenia.


In the Arts we present the best of British creative talent in Slovenia. The core of our work is the creative economy programme. We create partnerships and share the UK's expertise and experience in the creative industries to support economic growth. We help to develop leadership, professional networks and skills. 

Education and Society

In Education we focus is on bringing an international dimension to education in schools, technical colleges and universities to raise educational standards. We share the UK's expertise and encourage the best international students to study in the UK.

In Society we focus on Social Entrepreneurship and explore how it can provide an important way of tackling Europe’s current economic and social challenges, especially among the young unemployed and disadvantaged populations.